Herron Farms Dawsonville 706-531-4789

Organic Farming, Hydroponics, Earthworms/Red Worms
Self Sufficiency, self sustainment, homesteading, Square foot gardening, vermiculite, vermiculture and vermicomposting.

Here is a List of some things we will be glad to take off your hands.

                                                                                                                                                          Grass clippings

News papers-magazines,shredded paper are all okay


empty egg cartons any kind

used coffee grounds

Plastic or metal drums

5 gal. buckets

Milk crates

planting pots, plastic 1 gal, 6 pack trays

Leaves (bagged)

Bee Hives and Bee supplies

All most anything that is non-metal- per phone call or email

All donations will be used on site, and not sold for profit.

old bread or biscuits for chickens,

Drier lint

Usable wood 

Old tin roofing


 I will be happy to come get these things at no charge, as long as you are in the Dawson County area.