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. Organic Farming, Hydroponics, Earthworms/Red Worms Africans Self Sufficiency, self sustainment, homesteading, Square foot gardening, vermiculite, vermiculture and vermicomposting.

The  Only "Licensed Worm Wholesaler" in North Georgia, I raise my worms,  I can and do, ship small orders everyday except Sunday. SUMMER WEATHER ADVISORY, I wont ship in extreme conditions above 90 or below 45, sometimes, I may sneak one though-and I try too, but I have to post this, so you understand.:::::::::::2013/15 HAS BEEN THE COLDEST WINTERS ON RECORD FOR MOST OF THE US, ...A LOT OF FRIENDS HAVE LOST THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF WORMS, AND NOW, IT IS LOOKING LIKE A VERY HOT SUMMER, WE HAVE BROKE RECORDS ALREADY.

Yes, we do P.O.s  for School and Municipality's, Georgia state has informed me, that I must charge and pay sales tax, so I am going to price lower, add 7% tax, then add Shipping To come up with the same price.  [email protected] No Tax if out of state.

One of only a few Licenced worm wholesales in the entire state of Georgia. Just Click on a PICTURE and you will go to more info, on it........Thanks

Now stocking African Night Crawlers, also known as "Super Red Worms" or cultured nightcrawlers that don't need refrigeration 4-8" relaxed.

The best, over all composting worm ever, super Fishing Bait also, even good in coastal waters.

Eudrilus Eugeniae -Looks and acts like a huge Red worm. I raise mine inside and out-all year long.


And European Nightcrawlers  a redworm on steroids at http://www.europeannightcrawlers.webs.com/

Eisenia Hortensis  This is the worm you want for fishing.............. [email protected] is the easyest way to contact us, we have  Gmail comes right to our phones as it is sent.  



The only Dealer Distributor in North Georgia of "The Worm Factory 360" and The Urban Grower


This is their NEWEST design, the 360

Next generation 4 tray vermicomposting system with new thermo-siphon design. Available in black, green, and terracotta.

We also have others for as low as


Order At Sears  for 158.65

Buy.com  for 139.95

Ebay.com for 139.95

Amazom.com for 109.95

Burpee Gardening for 129.95

or me for 109.95 

Click on the image for more info. 

Free Shipping on Red Worms, when ordered With One of The Worm Factorys. Note, this is the 360, not to be confused with the Generic model selling for 1/2 the price.

We also custom make worm box's, Here is one of several at less than 100.00

one of several custom worm box's available for less than 100.00 made from 100 % reclaimed materials.


We are a mini farm, Not a large hard to manage farm, we use every sq.ft and sometimes inch that we can, trying to live as green and self sustainable as possible, Get some Earthworms, and make your own compost, Your plants and tree's will love you for it. 

Public and Home School Loan programs are working great so far, keep spreading the word, Great work. 


Red Worms, Africans and Europeans for compost or fishing, Just Click on the Worms



http://www.afnzrba.comAmerican Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.

Organic, Cage Free Eggs, Brown or White sold localy, 2.25 per dzn Please bring an empty carton or two.

We have show quality New Zealand White and New Zealand Red rabbits for sale, Member of A.R.B.A. Decatur R.B.A., A.F.N.Z.R.B.A. and Amicalola Bee keeper's Association... We dont have, or sell mixed breed rabbits, or pet rabbits.

55 Gal Plastic drums just 15.00 or 1/2 Barrels cut long ways 12.50 

More Info.Please call for more info. or send Tim an email for availability as they go fast at this price. A lot of the barrels I have got now are white food grade heavy duty but I have to ask 20.00 for these, as they cost me more to get.


We have a take a kid fishing offer, no cost at all, Not a scam and no presure sales.

Bring a kid under 13 and a small container, and we will give you 15 free red worms, 30 max per family. Call Tim Herron at 706-531-4785 or email him at [email protected] We just want you to take a day off and go fishing with your kids, they are only young once.

This offer has worked out great for the last few years, great way to get the kids out of the house and away from the video games.

Member of vermicomposters.com

We also Have Coconut Coir, just click on the picture

 You wont find Coconut Coir at your local or big box hardware store. We had to search all over the U.S. to find it. Many sizes to chose from, this stuff swells up right before your eyes. Not like Peat moss where you have to soak it for a day or more.

Now offering Worm Tea Bags http://www.herronswholesale.webs.com

VermiCompost Large Tea Bags, filled with enough worm castings to

Make 5 Gal. of "worm tea" Avg. weight=3 oz per bag

1.50 per bag

10 bags for 10.00 worm castings and tea

Screen your own Vermicompost

We now have 3 sizes of screen for your Vermicomposting needs, 1/2" mesh, 1/4" mesh and a very hard one to find 1/8" mesh.

1/2"mesh=3.00 per lin foot

1/4" mesh=3.00 lin. foot

1/8" mesh=5.00 per lin. foot

all wire/hardware cloth is 24" wide and sold by the Lin. foot

also have pre made screens made up, they are 20"x24" framed with 2"x3" wood frame for 20.00 each.

More Information about Herron Farms in Dawsonville

More info.Organic, Hydroponic, Vermicomposting, composting and Bulk Earthworms for all of North Georgia. Atlanta and Metro Atlanta.

Member: American Rabbit Breeder's Association #HERRT100

Decatur Rabbit Breeder's Association

American Federation of New Zealand Rabbit Breeders 

Amicalola Bee Keepers Association 

Thanks to The Dawson Community News, for their newspapers,

Abba House for their Bread,

Thanks to Billies Biscuits in Dawsonville, for the old biscuits that they have donated for the chick's, and the coffee grounds.

Thanks to the Dawsonville Pool Room for the coffee grounds and egg flats.

Using and selling Purina Worm Chow. http://www.herronfarms4.webs.com/

FOOD GRADE-------------Diatomaceous Earth - Organic pest control  LINK http://www.herronfarms4.webs.com/


 Purina worm chow is also at http://www.herronfarms4.webs.com get a pound for 3.50 or 50 pounds for 60.00




  Order Before noon and get your order within two days. This applies to Worms and supplies, The Worm Factory takes a few days longer as is coming from Washington State, (The Factory) to your house.

 For COOL Herron Farm cloths and accessories see http://www.cafepress.com/herronfarms1/

European Night Crawlers(super Reds) Eisenia  Hortensis,Dendrobaena veneta Great for Composting, and superb for fishing







African Night Crawlers (Giant Reds) Eudrillus Eugeniae, Great for Composting, and superb for fishing

And the common (Red worm) Eisenia Fetida, Great for composting, not good at all for fishing as they let off a yellow, pungent sent and the fish don't like it. also called the manure worm, tiger worm and Eisenia Foetida, along with many others.


Note: We don't advertise on eBay.com, amazon.com or buy.com, we are a Local-For real, Worm Farm. Do your own research before you buy anything online, google"complaints (unclejimswormfarm.com)just an example but you will find alot of so called farms, are just virtual stores, Drop ship and buy back programs, I want no part of it, you are welcome to come by my worm farm and see we are for real.

Since 2008, Herron Farms has sold over 1 Million Earthworms , Hundreds of rabbits, Many cages,Case's of Honey, hundreds of eggs and had only Three (known)Dissatisfied customers, their money was refunded promptly. as of July 2, 2015

People That we have helped recycle, And become self sustaining, Setting the seeds, one at a Time.

These are not made up numbers, yes I started with 1000, just so no one would feel like they were the first or second, but, that means over 49,000 others have came and if even 1/2 of them bought from me, I must have something good to sell. I must be doing something right. and complaints, I have had less than a handful in the last 7 years. As with any business, some cant be helped.

Certified member of Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project....A.S.A.P.
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Christopher Nicholas Herron


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