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. Organic Farming, Hydroponics, Earthworms/Red Worms Africans Self Sufficiency, self sustainment, homesteading, Square foot gardening, vermiculite, vermiculture and vermicomposting.

We have Rabbits, EarthWorms, Chickens, Eggs, Bees and Honey, Cages and more

Tim is an Eagle Scout of 1975 with all 3 Palms, and completed his Wood Badge SE140 in 1997, Due to time and health he is not a registered leader right now, but is always willing to help with Scout projects, in any way that he can.

Tim tries to live according to the Scout Law and Oath, he feels this covers everything in life, sometimes it is difficult to accomplish, but he does the best he can.

July 2012..................................................................................................................................... 

After several years of hard work, my whole out look on Earthworms has changed, I have raised Rabbits and worms since the 70s, off and on, It has helped pay the bills at times.

But, I am now , more interested in helping people go organic, than making a dollar. Dont take that to far out of context, I still need to provide. But, this is not all about money like it is for most of the site's I have seen. There is so much twisted information out there, it isent funny. I wont lie to you, to make a sale. I sell things for connivance, but encourage and help people to make their own. 

Call us for more info 706-531-4785 Dawsonville Ga. 30534

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I am posting my Resume, I am in need for a "real job", The mini farm helps make ends meet, but was never ment to be a full time Job. Now that it is up and running, It needs less care and I have more time. I am not just begging for a Job, I am looking for a family, a place to go everyday, and help people in many forms, plus make a living.


83 Hickory Trail west

Dawsonville Ga. 30534

Phone 706-531-4789

E-mail [email protected]


Tim Herron





§     1981 High School Diploma

§     1988-1991 Gwinnett Tech, while also working full time as a Maintenance Supervisor for Royce properties in Atlanta.

§     1995-Associated Technical Institute, EPA Certification #608 Universal

§     1996-Associated Technical Institute, EPA Certification #609

Awards received

1975 Eagle scout with all 3 palms                                                       1998 Wood badge Adult leader training, This is a five year course.    1998 Employee of the year, Home Depot

Interests and activities

I love the outdoors, and anything with a challenge, Fixing something no one else has been able to. I am extremely mechanically inclined and approach projects with logic, reasoning and common sense.

Work experience

§     1981-1997 Owner of (All in One) Property Maintenance services, doing renovation and turnkey service for apartments, duplexes, and commercial properties. 5 employees, and net sales of 1996 were over 97,000.00

§     1997-2001 I sold my Business, and went to work for Home Depot; I was certified in Millwork, flooring, electrical, hardware plumbing, and Building mat. Later working on the night crew.

§     2001 to Dec 18, 03 Due to Divorce I Relocated to Cleveland Ga., and found closer work at Lowe’s in Gainesville.

§     Dec 2003-April 2006 I went back to work for myself, doing repair work and odd jobs, this gave me more time to raise my two boys. Both are married now and one is in the U.S.Army.

§     April 2006 June 2007 worked in the warehouse/shop at All phase plumbing. I resigned June 20 due to commute time, gas prices, and lack of benefits.

§     2008 To September 15, 2009 was employed by ABM engineering as a Building Engineer for several High rise Buildings in the perimeter center east corridor. My position was eliminated.

§     September 2009 till present, Working on Herron Farms, A Self Sustainable Mini farm, with internet presence and sales http://www.herronfarms.webs.com

Volunteer experience

Boy Scouts, I have served as Scoutmaster, AST Scoutmaster, Committee Chairman, Unit Commissioner and several other positions.

Summary of qualifications

§     Since 1974 have worked in the construction field, sheetrock work, painting, plumbing, electrical, framing, trim, air conditioning, concrete work and several others. I pride myself as being one of the best, in all that I do.

Accreditation’s and licenses

§     H.V.A.C.(E.P.A.) certified(universal Tech) since 1995, C.P.R. since 1998, General Contractor Ga. since 1984


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