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Earthworms act as a natural filter, filtering out any impurities, chemicals, etc. leaving their castings 100% organic.

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Benefits of Worm Castings

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Worm castings (a.k.a. worm manure, vermicompost, or worm excreta) are rich in plant nutrients, trace minerals and growth enhancers, and incorporating castings into the soil significantly increases microbial life in the root zone. Worm castings are extremely beneficial in that they stimulate plant growth more than any other natural product, enhance the ability of your soil to retain water, and also inhibit root diseases such as root rot. The humus in worm castings removes toxins and harmful fungi and bacteria from the soil. Worm Castings therefore have the ability to fight off plant diseases.

One of the best features of worm castings is you can use as much as you want without the fear of burning tender young plants as other fertilizers are known to do. Unlike other animal manure and artificial fertilizers it is absorbed very easily and almost instantaneously by plants. The amazing thing is, that while the nutrients are easily available they are at the same time naturally endowed with a slow release feature, causing the nutrient benefits to last up to 2 months! This benefit is put in place during the digestion process of the earthworm. As the organic matter passes through the alimentary canal of the worm, a thin layer of oil coats the material, later eroding over a period of 2 months. The best of both worlds, immediate and long-lasting benefits! Ordinary composts do not have this benefit, they are placed in the garden to enrich the soil and plants, the available nutrients are quickly leached into the soil as soon as rainfall occurs or irrigation systems are turned on. Vermicompost provides a time-released benefit, slowly nurturing the plants over a greater length of time!

Another natural benefit of worm castings is the ability to fix heavy metals in organic waste, which prevents plants from absorbing more of these chemical compounds than they need. The compounds can then be released later when the plants need them. A natural protection for plants set in place by the Creator!

You need only use a small amount in or around your house plants, vegetables and flowers, as the humic acid in worm castings are able to stimulate plant growth, even in low concentrations. Humic acid also stimulates the development of micro flora populations in the soil. The miracles of the earthworm are easily seen in the beautiful growth and yields of your plants. Extremely dark and rich in texture, tests on worm castings have shown the nitrogen content to be 5 times greater than ordinary topsoil, the phosphate 7 times greater, potash 11 times, and magnesium 3 times. Castings will not burn even when applied directly to the most delicate plants. Definitely the finest soil conditioner available. Great for use in your entire garden! Completely odor-free and 100% organic! Use for indoor plants, and container gardening, as well.

All these benefits and more:

  • Worm Castings improve the structure of soil.

  • Worm Castings increase drought resistance.

  • Worm Castings can reduce irrigation cost up to 50% by retaining moisture in the soil.

  • Earthworm Castings may be applied to phosphate sensitive plants.

  • Worm Manure promotes beneficial microbial activity that result in healthier plants.

  • Worm castings help reduce algae in greenhouses, ponds & lagoons.

  • Earthworm Castings cause no ground water contamination.

  • Worm Castings reduce the carbon in the soil and increase the nitrogen levels in a state that plants can more readily & easily use.

  • Worm Castings are completely safe to use around children and pets.

  • Worm Castings have no harmful chemicals.

  • Earthworm Castings are 100% non-toxic.

  • Worm Castings will never burn your plants, no matter how fresh they are, unlike other animal manures.

  • Worm Manure helps draw out toxins, harmful bacteria and fungi from the soil.

  • Worm Castings help prevent extreme pH levels.

  • Nutrients found in Worm Castings last up to 6 times longer than the nutrients found in ordinary potting soil.

  • Earthworms act as a natural filter, filtering out any impurities, chemicals, etc. leaving their castings 100% organic.

  • Worm Castings are a perfect organic and natural fertilizer with naturally balanced, high levels of minerals and nutrients for your garden.



Does the "manure" from earthworms have to meet the same criteria as other manures?

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. Does the "manure" from earthworms have to meet the same criteria as other

No. According to the NOSB Compost Task Force, earthworm castings are “finely divided organic material produced non-thermophilically due to interactions between aerobic microorganisms and earthworms, as organic material passes through the earthworm gut.” It makes no sense that earthworm castings would have to meet the same requirements as manure. Otherwise, it would be a violation of the regulation to have earthworms defecating in your soil less than 120 days prior to harvest of a crop for human consumption if the crop contacts the soil.

The manure requirements at §205.203.c.1 do not apply to earthworm castings, as the language specifically says “animal and plant materials include: 1) Raw animal manure, which must be composted.” The NOP definition of manure describes “excreta from livestock”, which does not apply to invertebrates such as earthworms that are either native or used in soil building processes, and not raised “for food or in the production of food.”



Earthworm castings

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Worm castings 

Worm castings add vital nutrients to your soil like:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Sulfur

Being naturally organic, you can grow in confidence that your “green” integrity is intact and that you are providing the best quality product for your clients.

According to some sources, by adding worm castings to your soil you will increase plant growth by up to 20% and can see a 150% increase in root mass! Try adding 1 part of worm castings to 9 parts of soil and see how your plants respond. You may need to change your ratio, but 9:1 is a good start.

Consider using worm castings as a fertilizer as well. By steeping it in warm water for several days, you can make compost tea (worm tea).  The resulting liquid fertilizer will give your plants a much-needed boost and help them get through those troubling seasons.

feed cost has gone up

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sorry, but my cost has gone up......and I have to pass it along,


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A great new site started up today, check it out.........http://www.politicaltracker.com/

It will help you keep track of issue's that are importaint to you. like organic,GMO,trees,worms,earthworm cultivation,livestock,local,georgia, and lots of other's.

Worm Tea and other info.

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http://www.sierra-worm-compost.com/worm-tea.html  ; This is a great page, lots of good info. Like allways, evey situation can be a bit different. But for the most part, this page looks good.


obama care

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Press on the link bellow to get free health care.


Columbus Day

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A federal and public holiday, Columbus Day is always observed on the second Monday in October. This year, Columbus Day is observed on Monday, Oct. 14, 2013. Because Columbus Day is also a USPS holiday, all United States post offices are closed as well and there's no mail delivery either. Read the article "Columbus Day 2013 USPS post office holiday: No mail delivery Monday, Oct. 14" for more details.

we will be open, but cant mail out today, sorry.

More about worm tea

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Compost tea is used for two reasons:

To inoculate microbial life into the soil or onto the foliage of plants, and to add soluble nutrients to the foliage or to the soil to feed the organisms and the plants present. The use of compost tea is suggested any time the organisms in the soil or on the plants are not at optimum levels. Chemical-based pesticides, fumigants, herbicides and some synthetic fertilizers kill a range of the beneficial microorganisms that encourage plant growth, while compost teas improve the life in the soil and on plant surfaces. High quality compost tea of will inoculate the leaf surface and soil with beneficial microorganisms, instead of destroying them.

What is compost Tea?

Compost tea is a liquid produced by leaching soluble nutrients and extracting bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes from compost. The brewing process is performed at constant temperature, although the growth of the organisms may elevate temperature as a result of their reproductive heat produced.

The shelf life is short in high quality tea with active organisms necessary to attach to lead surfaces and not be washed off. In the research that we have done with 24 hour brewing cycles, after just 6 hours without any aeration, the oxygen levels are lowered by over 300 %. If the compost tea is not used within that time, aerate, agitate and add more food to the tea to feed the micro-organisms.

Compost tea is used to add bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nstrongatodes to the soil or onto foliage. Compost tea also contains soluble nutrients that feed the organisms in the tea and may feed plants. Use compost tea any time organisms in the soil or on the plants are lower than optimum levels. Chstrongical-based pesticides, fumigants, herbicides and some synthetic fertilizers kill the beneficial microorganisms that encourage plant growth, either in the soil or on foliage. Compost teas improve the life in the soil and on plant surfaces and help plants take-up the nutrients they require, and suppress diseases at the same time as building soil structure, and reduce erosion and loss of nutrients into drinking water. High quality compost tea of will inoculate the leaf surface and soil with beneficial microorganisms, instead of destroying thstrong.

Winter is comming

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winter is coming, what I would do,,,,,,,,,,

may sound crazy....

get some castings, just a few pounds would work. put about 2 cups in a 5 gal. bucket, ad rainwater(i use water from my tilapia tanks) add about 4-5 tablespoons of molasses or honey, sea kelp if you have some----can grind up oats if you dont......


use a paint mixer on a drill to stir it up and work it for a few min's. let it sit while you get your sprayer ready, then mix it again........strain it good, and spray your beds with it.......anything else is fine as well....but make sure you spray your beds well...woops, I forgot to tell you to dilute the 4-5 gal of tea.


one 4-5 gal container will dilute into 10-1, meaning you will get 40-50 gal, of microbes, they do best in 70-80 deg temp.....I know that sounds insane....but it works best if you have compost of some type in the beds.

in the spring. same thing, but side dress your plants as well, there is no need to mix wheelbarrows full in the beds, you get the same result, but no waste. spray your fruit tree's now, with the tea, and it will help kill off the worms-before they go dormant.


Worm Tea and the benifits

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how big are your raised beds? I have several I use for planting vegi's, a few for flowers, and a few for spice.

I started raising worms after I was laid off. then it grew, and grew, constantly changing direction. then, like you I realized, store bought is at least a year old-and no telling where it came from. even when you buy local it is 50/50, monsanto and other things have creeped into our food web, and are in everything.

with the bad air,bad rain, and bad sun rays even if we grow our own it is kinda iffy.

But, I do feel better knowing I am not poisoning the soil and water table, or the birds and the bee's.

I dont have a "large farm" thats the magic, you don't really need one. as you know, there is alot of miss information and varied opinions on the internet.

All I can offer people is what has worked for me. as far as help goes, I am always overwhelmed with things to do, but most is piddly.

It is hard to explain all the benefits of worm castings and worm tea in an email, but one of the biggest plus's is a little goes a long way. I can get the same or better result's from a few cup's of castings as I can a box of miracle grow. the added attractant to that, is each time you use it, it gets better and better, not like synthetics-where you have to keep it on.......in time, say a year or two, the results start to really show, and the saving's is huge.

here is just a small list,


compost and recycle---no trash pick up...........30.00 x 12=360.00 yr


10-10-10 2 bags, 20.00 or more


misl. pesticides 120.00 or more


weed and feed 50.00 or more


lime 20-50.00 or more


special insecticides 120.00 or more


water bill cut in 1/2 or more


time and water saved from not having to wash off all the poisson's


save millions of bee's that kill insects and pollinate


save thousands of birds that kill insects


save thousands of bugs that kill insects


save thousands, from your health bank by not eating poisson's


in time, your garden, raised beds and flowers will outperform synthetic's hands down......


and each year, you can add less and less---rather than more and more chemicals

the over all satifaction of being organic rather than just spraying wildly well out weigh's the monetary benefits.

copy right, herron farms, can be copyed as long as http://herronfarms.webs.com and this copyright notice is left included.



No furlough here

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No furlough here, I was furlough'ed 4 years ago, we are not a goverment run company, and there will be no furlough here......

Fox news

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Free Worm Castings

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I am giving free 2 pound bags with instuctions of worm castings, just pay shipping and handling or pick up at the farm.


see http://www.africannightcrawlers.webs.com

A Trash can worm Harvester for free

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Here is just another eqample of using what you have.