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We are slowing down to walk in, please call ahaed.....Thanks

Free pass's for Gibbs Gardens http://www.gibbsgardens.com/

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Membership Gift Certificate $50

BUYER receives 2 FREE PASSES $40 Value


Earthworm tea

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This will be about the last week of the season to apply #earthworm tea, as it will be to cold.

Herron Farms Magic Dirt #herronfarmsmagicdirt and

Herron Farms Magic Tea #herronfarmsmagictea are a propitiatory blend,


To make a good fast batch for yourself just get some pure worm castings, un-chlorinated water, some real honey-not the Chinese stuff, kelp, bat she-ite,

mix with a paint mixer on a drill, in a 5 gal. bucket,

4 gal. water

2 cups of pure worm she-ite,

2 TBL of Kelp

2 TBL honey

2 TBL of bat she-ite

mix for about 5 mins, use it all within 4-5 hours, can dilute 10-1, so this will make 40 Gal.

filter to spray, or just use as a side dressing,

Christmas in the Smokies Premiere Week in Dahlonega!

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Christmas in the Smokies Premiere Week in Dahlonega!

Oct 13-18

All in One, Service and Repair

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All in One Service and Repair is not a New company:


All in One is a small repair company, doing repair work/home maintenance from a-z.


Dormant while going though a bitter divorce, the Owner is now ready and willing to crank things back up a notch.


Do you have vacant property?

Do you need simple things done with no hassles, No big multi page contracts.


At one time 1995-1997 All in One had over 500 properties it did work on. Anything from fixing a hand rail (30.00) to painting the whole house (600-8,000)


I am a simple man, I hire people as I need them, otherwise I work by myself, keeps my overhead low and my respect high.


I was born to a Federal Marshal, and my mom was in the R.A.F. I am an Eagle Scout of 1975 and my son is in the 101st Airborne. I’m not perfect but I try my best to be, and I am honest. I won’t lie, if I can’t do it, ill tell you other options. 39.00 is a base charge, with that there is no extras, once you know me you will see what I mean. For 39.00 I can


Rekey a lock or 2

Rebuild a toilet

Change out a light fixture

Replace a ceiling fan

Replace a mini blind or 2

Put up a mail box

Cut a small yard

Get you in a house (providing its yours)he he

Replace a bad breaker

Unclog a drain /simple clog

Basically I can do in 30 min-1hour what takes some hours or a whole day or more to do

I don’t need or want to be rich, so I don’t need to screw you to get there, My calling in life is to make people happy, and I figure if I can put food on the table as I do it, that is even better.

All in One is ideal for duplexes and rental property, it is real simple, give me a small service call and see how it works, and you will find I am fair and honest.

I have been in the construction field in one form or another for over 40 years, and not just as a flunky.


All in One Service and Repair 706-531-4789

Dawsonville Ga. 30534


twenty five deg. this morning

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Make sure to bring your worms in, it is cold.......

cyber monday, black friday, Christmas, New Year

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I have not been able to post on my Blogs for a while, was very iritating.....My best wishs for all, over the Holiday season.

2015 looks to be as interesting as the last few years, Not just here, but all over. We are sloweng down on worm shipments, havent done this ever before, But, the last few winters have been extreamly cold, this one has already broke records.

my keurig coffee maker

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My experience with keurig,

I will try to make this as short as possible, the task will be difficult at best, since it just plain unbelievable.

On September 14, 2014 My wife and I were talking and I said, you know what, I cant take it anymore, I am going to go up to Wal-Mart(I hate going there)and get one of those keurig coffee makers, after all, I have been dreaming of owning one, since my first use of one in Atlanta in 2007, before I was laid off due to the dark age’s. I loved that coffee, use to use 2 kcups, to make one 8 oz cup of very strong coffee.

I have been waiting patently, at first for them to hit the common market, then to come down in price, then for the kcups to become more reasonable. She, as in my wife Linda said, you saw my note, see, she was going to buy one for me, for my birthday, my son had gave her, 2 case’s, with 4 box’s of 24 in each one to include with it. These were the same keurig kcups we had used at his house, with an almost identical keurig coffee maker.

So, we get to wal-mart only to realize, there is more than 4 types keurig on the shelf, wow. The biggest difference I saw was the water reservoir, we read each box, over and over to make sure. Then I called my son and asked him, if he knew of any difference, we wanted to make sure there was no problems miss matching coffee and kcups, like he said, if it said kcups, they should all logically fit, and work. That is logical. So we went over and analyzed all the kcups for sale, hmmm seemed simple enough, to make sure there was no problem, I bought one of those refillable thingys as well, but heck, there was at least a half dozen of those, so here we go reading each package again, keep in mind, each time I have to reed, out come the glass’s, and the small print may take me a while. I can read it, but it is much slower going than it used to be.

Okay, so now we have a keurig, a refillable thingy, 8 box’s of 24 kcups, we are set. And to boot, there is a sample pack included.

We get home, I am so proud, finally a keurig, I am sure they will be out of style soon, I thought. But still, I put away the flee market coffee maker that we paid 6.00 for 3 years ago, after our 135.00 grind and brew gave out after only 6 months. Let me add, the 6.00 one is the exact same model we paid 135.00 early for. I unpack the keurig, read the box again, browse though the manual, and put in a kcup from the sample pack, wow, just what I needed. I was in heaven. I love certain things and good strong black coffee(fresh) is one of them. Now is when the night mare begins and seems to never end.

I go and get one of the case’s of coffee my son got for me, and open it, 4 box’s of 24, wow, I was so happy. I open one and insert it, and walla, I get the dreaded oopps message, I was stunned, I rechecked all the box’s, reading every detail. Strange, I scratched my head and tried another, oopps message again, well now I am starting to Jones, I need another great cup of coffee. Ahh, I have the handy dandy back up refillable thingy, yep that is what I will do, another oopps message.

I am now getting irritated, I can see the potential for a nightmare to be. I reluctantly call the number on the screen, nice person finally answered, she explained how the labels were different, and how I needed this label and that. I rolled my eyes and thought you have got to be kidding. She said someone would call tomorrow(Monday) and make things right. I was dumfounded, what about my coffee, I want a cup of coffee. Called my son after and told him, he couldn’t believe it. In the morning, 3 am mind you, I get up, and used the carafe one, week tasting, didn’t even finish it. I go to a job, still no coffee, waiting on that phone call, all day I had to endure tela marketers calling, hoping each one was keurig. Finally, before heading to a new job, I stopped at racetrack gas station and got a cup of coffee, to hot to drink, set in my cup holder, of my nice clean never had a Styrofoam cup in it Dodge Ram. As I get on the free way, it flips out of the holder, and now I not only get no caffeine, I have coffee everywhere. I am getting kind of irritated now. See, I would normally take my thermos full of coffee, no Styrofoam cup.

I do the next job, and on my way home, go way out of my way to food lion, to get a box of kcup coffee, and a box of kcup tea. 20 bucks.

I come home and beet, I lay down for about an hour, only to wake up, and the new kcups don’t work either. Still no phone call back from keurig. Now im getting pissed. Called the oopps number again. Here goes the spew about all the different kinds and labels and on and on, finally she said she would get her supervisor, that didn’t work, and she said she would have her call me, finely she did. Here we go again, all I hear is the same old excuse’s, this color that color, I must have got the wrong box, she gave me a credit for 4 box’s, ½ of what I have and cant use, and guaranteed the tea box would work fine. Still without coffee, irritated to no end. We went to bed, got up this morning, got out the old coffee maker, because I now have come to the harsh reality, it will be about a week or 2 before I get my kcups that I ordered on line to replace less than ½ the ones that I have and wont work.

So, the wife gets up, you have got to be kidding me, the tea I just bought doesn’t work either, we have orange labels, white labels and non work.

So, here we sit, with no coffee or tea, and spent almost 400.00 so far, I cant take this back, if I do, I will be out over 250.00 just for coffee alone, let alone the gas and time it has cost me so far. And I still wont have coffee that I want.

Tim Herron

Owner Herron Farms,

Dawsonville Ga. 30534



Safe pest control

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very interesting, this is DE, and all I use.

here is what I and others used to use, sevin dust or spray, wow


Earthworms act as a natural filter, filtering out any impurities, chemicals, etc. leaving their castings 100% organic.

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Benefits of Worm Castings

To see and purchase our Worm Castings Click here

Worm castings (a.k.a. worm manure, vermicompost, or worm excreta) are rich in plant nutrients, trace minerals and growth enhancers, and incorporating castings into the soil significantly increases microbial life in the root zone. Worm castings are extremely beneficial in that they stimulate plant growth more than any other natural product, enhance the ability of your soil to retain water, and also inhibit root diseases such as root rot. The humus in worm castings removes toxins and harmful fungi and bacteria from the soil. Worm Castings therefore have the ability to fight off plant diseases.

One of the best features of worm castings is you can use as much as you want without the fear of burning tender young plants as other fertilizers are known to do. Unlike other animal manure and artificial fertilizers it is absorbed very easily and almost instantaneously by plants. The amazing thing is, that while the nutrients are easily available they are at the same time naturally endowed with a slow release feature, causing the nutrient benefits to last up to 2 months! This benefit is put in place during the digestion process of the earthworm. As the organic matter passes through the alimentary canal of the worm, a thin layer of oil coats the material, later eroding over a period of 2 months. The best of both worlds, immediate and long-lasting benefits! Ordinary composts do not have this benefit, they are placed in the garden to enrich the soil and plants, the available nutrients are quickly leached into the soil as soon as rainfall occurs or irrigation systems are turned on. Vermicompost provides a time-released benefit, slowly nurturing the plants over a greater length of time!

Another natural benefit of worm castings is the ability to fix heavy metals in organic waste, which prevents plants from absorbing more of these chemical compounds than they need. The compounds can then be released later when the plants need them. A natural protection for plants set in place by the Creator!

You need only use a small amount in or around your house plants, vegetables and flowers, as the humic acid in worm castings are able to stimulate plant growth, even in low concentrations. Humic acid also stimulates the development of micro flora populations in the soil. The miracles of the earthworm are easily seen in the beautiful growth and yields of your plants. Extremely dark and rich in texture, tests on worm castings have shown the nitrogen content to be 5 times greater than ordinary topsoil, the phosphate 7 times greater, potash 11 times, and magnesium 3 times. Castings will not burn even when applied directly to the most delicate plants. Definitely the finest soil conditioner available. Great for use in your entire garden! Completely odor-free and 100% organic! Use for indoor plants, and container gardening, as well.

All these benefits and more:

  • Worm Castings improve the structure of soil.

  • Worm Castings increase drought resistance.

  • Worm Castings can reduce irrigation cost up to 50% by retaining moisture in the soil.

  • Earthworm Castings may be applied to phosphate sensitive plants.

  • Worm Manure promotes beneficial microbial activity that result in healthier plants.

  • Worm castings help reduce algae in greenhouses, ponds & lagoons.

  • Earthworm Castings cause no ground water contamination.

  • Worm Castings reduce the carbon in the soil and increase the nitrogen levels in a state that plants can more readily & easily use.

  • Worm Castings are completely safe to use around children and pets.

  • Worm Castings have no harmful chemicals.

  • Earthworm Castings are 100% non-toxic.

  • Worm Castings will never burn your plants, no matter how fresh they are, unlike other animal manures.

  • Worm Manure helps draw out toxins, harmful bacteria and fungi from the soil.

  • Worm Castings help prevent extreme pH levels.

  • Nutrients found in Worm Castings last up to 6 times longer than the nutrients found in ordinary potting soil.

  • Earthworms act as a natural filter, filtering out any impurities, chemicals, etc. leaving their castings 100% organic.

  • Worm Castings are a perfect organic and natural fertilizer with naturally balanced, high levels of minerals and nutrients for your garden.



free earthworm ebook and study course.

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free earthworm ebook and study course.

I have decided today, I am going to set an example........all my employee's on staff, from now on will be paid 15.00 per hour. Thats only for new hire's.

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I have decided today, I am going to set an example........all my employee's on staff, from now on will be paid 15.00 per hour. Thats only for new hire's.

Simple worm tea

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Simple worm tea,

2 cups worm castings into a 5 gal bucket

1 tbs honey or molass's

1 tbs kelp

4 gal unclorinated water

mix well with a paint mixer on a drill or by hand

use within 4-5 hours

can be diluted 10-1

Phoenix Worm or BSFL comming this year

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along with European Nightcrawlers, African Nightcrawlers, Redworms, mealworms, raw honey, fresh-cage free, free range eggs, bees, bee hives, new zealand red and white show rabbits, worm factorys, diotamatios earth, purina worm chow, talapia,  worm castings, worm harvesters, screen, and many other items, we will be starting a new collony of Phoenix Worms this year.

earthworms,composting and black soldier flys

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comming soon, black soldier flys, for your composting needs,