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European night crawlers

Posted by Tim Herron on November 13, 2017 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (1)

walkins allways welcome, please call first.............



Tim Herrons wheather report for today and this week.

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Today, mostly hipe and scare tacticts are in place, north ga, is to hot to freeze, but warm enough to snow.

tonight, a flurry or two, melted by morning then rain 40-60 deg

rain, 33-50

more rain 33-50

school will be out all week......lol, gota love it


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Just a quick update, Today is the last day I am shipping Africans, I still will have them, on a walk in basis, but we are no longer shipping this year.

please make sure you call before comming, It is hit and miss in the winter,


Posted by Tim Herron on December 21, 2015 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Just a quick update, Today is the last day I am shipping Africans, I still will have them, on a walk in basis, but we are no longer shipping this year.

please make sure you call before comming, It is hit and miss in the winter,

All in One, Service and Repair

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All in One Service and Repair is not a New company:


All in One is a small repair company, doing repair work/home maintenance from a-z.


Dormant while going though a bitter divorce, the Owner is now ready and willing to crank things back up a notch.


Do you have vacant property?

Do you need simple things done with no hassles, No big multi page contracts.


At one time 1995-1997 All in One had over 500 properties it did work on. Anything from fixing a hand rail (30.00) to painting the whole house (600-8,000)


I am a simple man, I hire people as I need them, otherwise I work by myself, keeps my overhead low and my respect high.


I was born to a Federal Marshal, and my mom was in the R.A.F. I am an Eagle Scout of 1975 and my son is in the 101st Airborne. I’m not perfect but I try my best to be, and I am honest. I won’t lie, if I can’t do it, ill tell you other options. 39.00 is a base charge, with that there is no extras, once you know me you will see what I mean. For 39.00 I can


Rekey a lock or 2

Rebuild a toilet

Change out a light fixture

Replace a ceiling fan

Replace a mini blind or 2

Put up a mail box

Cut a small yard

Get you in a house (providing its yours)he he

Replace a bad breaker

Unclog a drain /simple clog

Basically I can do in 30 min-1hour what takes some hours or a whole day or more to do

I don’t need or want to be rich, so I don’t need to screw you to get there, My calling in life is to make people happy, and I figure if I can put food on the table as I do it, that is even better.

All in One is ideal for duplexes and rental property, it is real simple, give me a small service call and see how it works, and you will find I am fair and honest.

I have been in the construction field in one form or another for over 40 years, and not just as a flunky.


All in One Service and Repair 706-531-4789

Dawsonville Ga. 30534


Looking for part time work

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Tim is an Eagle Scout of 1975 with all 3 Palms, and completed his Wood Badge SE140 in 1997, Due to time and health he is not a registered leader right now, but is always willing to help with Scout projects, in any way that he can.


Tim tries to live according to the Scout Law and Oath, he feels this covers everything in life, sometimes it is difficult to accomplish, but he does the best he can.


July 2012.....................................................................................................................................


After several years of hard work, my whole out look on Earthworms has changed, I have raised Rabbits and worms since the 70s, off and on, It has helped pay the bills at times.


But, I am now , more interested in helping people go organic, than making a dollar. Dont take that to far out of context, I still need to provide. But, this is not all about money like it is for most of the site's I have seen. There is so much twisted information out there, it isent funny. I wont lie to you, to make a sale. I sell things for connivance, but encourage and help people to make their own.

Call us for more info 706-531-4789 Dawsonville Ga. 30534

Cold is comming this week, get ready

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get ready for the cold, remember Africans like it about 72-78 deg f..........they will survive above or below, but thrive at 72-78, bring them in if you have to.....

Herrons Magic Worm Dirt is here

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Herrons Magic Worm Dirt

is here for 2015

100% organic

No GMO's

Made in USA

sold only in USA

sold exclusivly by Herron Farms Dawsonville

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day

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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day,

Doctor oz and GMO's, today at 3pm channel 2

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just an FYI, dont know how good it will be, but I see doctor oz is going to do a show on GMO's.......

hart to do one with out hateing gmo's................

my keurig coffee maker

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My experience with keurig,

I will try to make this as short as possible, the task will be difficult at best, since it just plain unbelievable.

On September 14, 2014 My wife and I were talking and I said, you know what, I cant take it anymore, I am going to go up to Wal-Mart(I hate going there)and get one of those keurig coffee makers, after all, I have been dreaming of owning one, since my first use of one in Atlanta in 2007, before I was laid off due to the dark age’s. I loved that coffee, use to use 2 kcups, to make one 8 oz cup of very strong coffee.

I have been waiting patently, at first for them to hit the common market, then to come down in price, then for the kcups to become more reasonable. She, as in my wife Linda said, you saw my note, see, she was going to buy one for me, for my birthday, my son had gave her, 2 case’s, with 4 box’s of 24 in each one to include with it. These were the same keurig kcups we had used at his house, with an almost identical keurig coffee maker.

So, we get to wal-mart only to realize, there is more than 4 types keurig on the shelf, wow. The biggest difference I saw was the water reservoir, we read each box, over and over to make sure. Then I called my son and asked him, if he knew of any difference, we wanted to make sure there was no problems miss matching coffee and kcups, like he said, if it said kcups, they should all logically fit, and work. That is logical. So we went over and analyzed all the kcups for sale, hmmm seemed simple enough, to make sure there was no problem, I bought one of those refillable thingys as well, but heck, there was at least a half dozen of those, so here we go reading each package again, keep in mind, each time I have to reed, out come the glass’s, and the small print may take me a while. I can read it, but it is much slower going than it used to be.

Okay, so now we have a keurig, a refillable thingy, 8 box’s of 24 kcups, we are set. And to boot, there is a sample pack included.

We get home, I am so proud, finally a keurig, I am sure they will be out of style soon, I thought. But still, I put away the flee market coffee maker that we paid 6.00 for 3 years ago, after our 135.00 grind and brew gave out after only 6 months. Let me add, the 6.00 one is the exact same model we paid 135.00 early for. I unpack the keurig, read the box again, browse though the manual, and put in a kcup from the sample pack, wow, just what I needed. I was in heaven. I love certain things and good strong black coffee(fresh) is one of them. Now is when the night mare begins and seems to never end.

I go and get one of the case’s of coffee my son got for me, and open it, 4 box’s of 24, wow, I was so happy. I open one and insert it, and walla, I get the dreaded oopps message, I was stunned, I rechecked all the box’s, reading every detail. Strange, I scratched my head and tried another, oopps message again, well now I am starting to Jones, I need another great cup of coffee. Ahh, I have the handy dandy back up refillable thingy, yep that is what I will do, another oopps message.

I am now getting irritated, I can see the potential for a nightmare to be. I reluctantly call the number on the screen, nice person finally answered, she explained how the labels were different, and how I needed this label and that. I rolled my eyes and thought you have got to be kidding. She said someone would call tomorrow(Monday) and make things right. I was dumfounded, what about my coffee, I want a cup of coffee. Called my son after and told him, he couldn’t believe it. In the morning, 3 am mind you, I get up, and used the carafe one, week tasting, didn’t even finish it. I go to a job, still no coffee, waiting on that phone call, all day I had to endure tela marketers calling, hoping each one was keurig. Finally, before heading to a new job, I stopped at racetrack gas station and got a cup of coffee, to hot to drink, set in my cup holder, of my nice clean never had a Styrofoam cup in it Dodge Ram. As I get on the free way, it flips out of the holder, and now I not only get no caffeine, I have coffee everywhere. I am getting kind of irritated now. See, I would normally take my thermos full of coffee, no Styrofoam cup.

I do the next job, and on my way home, go way out of my way to food lion, to get a box of kcup coffee, and a box of kcup tea. 20 bucks.

I come home and beet, I lay down for about an hour, only to wake up, and the new kcups don’t work either. Still no phone call back from keurig. Now im getting pissed. Called the oopps number again. Here goes the spew about all the different kinds and labels and on and on, finally she said she would get her supervisor, that didn’t work, and she said she would have her call me, finely she did. Here we go again, all I hear is the same old excuse’s, this color that color, I must have got the wrong box, she gave me a credit for 4 box’s, ½ of what I have and cant use, and guaranteed the tea box would work fine. Still without coffee, irritated to no end. We went to bed, got up this morning, got out the old coffee maker, because I now have come to the harsh reality, it will be about a week or 2 before I get my kcups that I ordered on line to replace less than ½ the ones that I have and wont work.

So, the wife gets up, you have got to be kidding me, the tea I just bought doesn’t work either, we have orange labels, white labels and non work.

So, here we sit, with no coffee or tea, and spent almost 400.00 so far, I cant take this back, if I do, I will be out over 250.00 just for coffee alone, let alone the gas and time it has cost me so far. And I still wont have coffee that I want.

Tim Herron

Owner Herron Farms,

Dawsonville Ga. 30534



Spring time, has sprung

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The last few weeks have been, very, very busy for me. I have found myself doing about 2 class's per week, aveage.

I would like to report, that I am getting rich from doing them, but the truth is, I give several free to summer school class's, VBS, and local groups. as long as they are local.

If you would like to schdule a group, to learn more about earthworms, vermiculture and the benifits, shoot me an email. most group price's avg 150.00 for local groups, can do here or there. We can adjust for gas or extra's if needed.

[email protected]

Does the "manure" from earthworms have to meet the same criteria as other manures?

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. Does the "manure" from earthworms have to meet the same criteria as other

No. According to the NOSB Compost Task Force, earthworm castings are “finely divided organic material produced non-thermophilically due to interactions between aerobic microorganisms and earthworms, as organic material passes through the earthworm gut.” It makes no sense that earthworm castings would have to meet the same requirements as manure. Otherwise, it would be a violation of the regulation to have earthworms defecating in your soil less than 120 days prior to harvest of a crop for human consumption if the crop contacts the soil.

The manure requirements at §205.203.c.1 do not apply to earthworm castings, as the language specifically says “animal and plant materials include: 1) Raw animal manure, which must be composted.” The NOP definition of manure describes “excreta from livestock”, which does not apply to invertebrates such as earthworms that are either native or used in soil building processes, and not raised “for food or in the production of food.”