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I have to LOL about this one

Posted by Tim Herron on May 7, 2012 at 4:00 PM

I am one of the easyest people in the world to get along with, My hidden goal in life is to make other people happy. I just love it. So when I cant make them happy, there is something wrong.

Had a lady, come by today, I am still scraching my head on this one. She wanted a pound of red wigglers, she was under the impresion that the red wiggler was what she had been buying for fish bait. as some place's still have the old cups that say that, most have now gone to the "trout worms" cups, because most realize now, that the "red wiggler" fetida is a manure worm and does not get as fat as the european night crawlers, 

but that wasent the wierd part, as I was tring to get a pound of red wigglers for her, you could see the dissapoint ment in her face, I think she "meant" european nightcrawlers, but like most dident realize there was/is a huge difference. 

So, I go to my bins, in my worm shed, I pick out a 1/2 pound or so, of my plumpest looking euros to go with the other 3/4 pound of reds. "remember-euros are almost dbl in price" but I dident say any thing, just wanted her to be happy. I was going to take at least a 10.00 hit, but thats okay, as long as she smiled when she left, and I knew she would when she saw these babys..............

as I showed her the worms, she dident say anything, then as she is walking off said there is more dirt than worms, Even though I showed her all the capsuals in the dirt, and the wad of worms was about normal, it weighed 1.24 dirt and worms, still prety close for being in a rush. point is,

all she had to do was say, hmmmmm how about a few more worms and less dirt?

It realy blew my mind, I began to wonder about peta, as she went to my rabbits as I was getting her worms. Very odd, if you came after worms, why wouldent you work with the person. That is why I dont sell fish bait, I sell bulk composting worms.

30 european/trout worms in a cup for 3.75-5.00 is 10 box's at 37.00 and 300 worms I sell the euro's for 38.00 per 450 avg, that is called bulk.

I dont get many calls for Red worms/red wigglers anymore, as most people have done their resurch and realize the difference.

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