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Posted by Tim Herron on May 2, 2011 at 5:58 AM

Good Morning,

Last week I had to order some worms myself, I am trying to get a few bins started of European Nightcrawlers, I have found this worm to be The best Fishing worm of the 3 basic worms raised and sold in the USA, There are others yes but 3 BASIC.

The funny part is, I got a taste of my own medicine sort of speak. Trying to find a REAL worm farmer has become a challenge, and a REAL European worm farmer is even harder, then you have price, shipping, well, you know what I am talking about. Price's vary a lot, I mean a lot.............The guy/gal that raises worms in a worm bin in his loft, even though he has"lot and lots" of worms is not what I need, and they are all over eBay and amazon. To raise a 1000 is one thing, but to raise and sell 10-20,000 a week is another. That takes space. I am finding about 80 percent of the Worm Farms on the net are nothing more than people drop shipping and trying to make a dollar. problem is, no one knows what the other person is doing or sending. and to be honest most don't really care.......

I DO, I mean that, I want your experience with me to be positive, period. Yes, I have a few that try to get over on me, but the rest by far make up for it..................................

When you buy a pound of any type worm from me, I start with a 5x5 Tupperware square bowl about 4 inch's high, I use that to weigh the worms on the scales, it weighs .07 oz but the scales are zeroed out on this weight so that it is zero. Then I painfully add worms till it is about full and weighs 1.10 to 1.25 or one pound and 10-25 oz the cup is basically full, not over the top full but to the top full. No matter what type of worms I put in to weigh, the amount in the cup/bowl is always about the same.

I put 1/2 pound to one pound of pure peat just moist, in a bag and then add the worms, If I let them sit in the cup for 5-10 Min's, the full cup becomes a 1/2 cup as they get tighter together by them selves, so the point to all this!!!!!!

When you get a pound of worms, you should get a baseball size wad of worms, when they have had a chance to stretch out and rehydrate in your bin, it will look like much more, and like any thing try to get them back into that same Tupperware container that I used. And in about 2-3 months you should be able to fill the same contained and still have your original pound, I wont lie, you wont be able to start your own worm business with this amount. But if you are patient and do everything right, they will multiply and next year in the spring you will have a few pounds to part with and regain your cost.

Even though worms are a simple creacher, you must check on them constantly, to dry, to wet, to many, not enough, light, to much light food and the list is endless. I have about 20 bins and more in 50 gal barrels and then more under my rabbits, still I find myself having to buy some occasionally in order to not dig in to my back up breeders.

having to find a new source for Europeans was very disheartening to say the least, so I feel for you. You are always welcome to come watch me pull your worms for you, Think you will be surprised, at the amount that goes into that bag you get. 

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