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I just dont get it.

Posted by Tim Herron on June 6, 2011 at 5:10 PM

I Just Don't Get it sometimes:


Why are we burying our kids, friends kids, our friends and our family that are serving in place's that dont want us there? LIKE





and many others:

Why are we sitting on the largest deposit of oil in the world, but our gas price's keep going up?


Why did I own a car 20 years ago that got 34 miles per gal. but they are barely getting that now, when the computer age has become more than a 1000 times faster and efficient?


Why am I paying so much for school tax, when I have no kids?


Why do you get an answering machine for every government office that you call, when they are the largest employer in the world?


Why are the hardest workers,the lowest paid?


Why do I pay huge amounts for dental, car, personal, house, and medical insurance but scared to death to use it?

Why are we spending trillions of dollars on a space station?

Why haven't we gone back to the moon?

The Federal gov. the largest employer in the world, try reporting illegal immigrants to someone, or drug dealers next door, or fake job scams, housing scams, rental rip offs, crooked cops, crooked docs, thieves and the list is endless, but yet, police have the time to sit and watch to see if you are buckled up, have a cracked windshield or bald tires.

Just wondering!


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