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Why I price the way I do

Posted by Tim Herron on September 29, 2013 at 8:55 AM

For starters, I am not a kid trying to sell you a few fishing worms out of my shoe box.

I don’t buy 2000 worms of eBay for 50.00 and try to sell them for 30.00 per pound.

I am not trying to get rich.

I don’t send out a paper bag full of dirt and a few worms, I buy bags made to suit worms and shipping, I take care in each box that I ship, to make sure the person getting them is overjoyed when they open the bag.

I have truly only had less than a hand full (3, I believe) of complaints, and I figured they were coming, they seemed like people trying to get a freebee. You can just sense it sometimes. I refunded the money, Keep in mind I have sold thousands of pounds of worms in the last 5 or more years, so the odds are pretty good in my book.

Now that is out of the way,

I try very hard to price Fair, but keep in mind, when you buy a pound of worms from me, you are not in for a night mare. I am not the cheapest-no am I the highest, I do look at the market and then adjust my price. How many local worm farms can you go to?

How many worm farms answer the phone, no answering service?

How many worm farms truly answer your emails—with a (REAL) answer not a generic book answer.?

How many worm farmers, actually (Raise)worms?

How many worm farms have been in business for more than 5 years?

How many worm farms ship every day except Sunday?

How many worm farms get your worms to you the next day, or one after?

How many worm farmer’s, actually believe in what they are doing?



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