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Africans and tigers

Posted by Tim Herron on December 3, 2013 at 9:20 AM

For the benefit of all those who might not know, Eisenia fetida (newer spelling) is almost certainly the most widely known and used composting worm. Some of this species’ common names include Red Worm (or Redworm), Red Wiggler, Manure Worm, Brandling Worm and Tiger Worm. Eudrilus eugeniae is a lesser known/used tropical composting (and bait) worm, known as the African Nightcrawler (or just ‘African’ or ANC for short).

As far as which worm is better, while it certainly does depend on the specific application in question, in general Eisenia fetida is thought to be the most versatile of the vermicomposting worms.

It has a very wide temperature tolerance, will happily consume a wide variety of organic waste materials, has a relatively high rate of reproduction, and is just generally a highly adaptable worm.

The African Nightcrawler is certainly not without its benefits.

Under ideal conditions this species can process wastes very quickly and also has a very high rate of growth and reproduction.

In fact, Dominguez et al. (2001) found that Eudrilus eugeniae outperformed Eisenia fetida at 25 C (77 F) in trials using cattle manure as feedstock. The authors suggest that this species along with Perionyx excavatus (Blue Worm) are well-suited for vermicomposting systems in tropical regions.

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