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Worm Tea

Posted by Tim Herron on November 2, 2010 at 10:14 AM

I have been making compost tea for a very long time. Last year I learned about adding air with an aquarium pump and a bubbler stone.

I fill a 30 gal. trash can with water and let it sit for a couple days so the chlorine and chemicals can evaporate, I throw in a bunch of compost, 2 or 3 shovels, 1 cup of molasses and let it bubble for a day or 2, it will look like a root beer float on top when it's going good, then I just throw this at all my plants. They are much healthier now, no diseases, very few bugs and lots of delicious vegetables and fruit. I went and got this off the internet for you:

What Is Worm Tea and How Do I Make It?

For centuries, farmers have been straining water through vermicompost and calling the liquid worm 'tea.' When prepared properly, worm tea should be virtually odorless and is a valuable organic amendment for the soil, in potted plants, for use in organic gardening. In the last few years, research into the soil food web has lead to the development of worm tea brewers.

Worm tea is brewed using vermicompost and other organic materials such as molasses, sea kelp and other compounds as a starter and then water is added. A pump with special nozzles is then used to oxygenate the mixture over an 18-24 hour period. The microbes (good guys) are increased exponentially and the mixture, with a shelf life of 15 hours, can be sprayed on lawns, flowers, and trees with complete safety.

There is evidence that worm tea will cure tomato blight, leaf curl on fruit trees. It can also replace conventional fertilizers used in areas such as schools, municipal parks and playgrounds. Many of these products are unfriendly to the eco system and are now, or will soon be, banned because of the dangers they pose.

Worm tea is an excellent, 100% natural, non-toxic alternative.

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