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500 African Night Crawlers 4-5 inchs Eudrilus Eugeniae


African Night crawler worms range in size from 4 - 6 inches long. relaxed... Eudrilus Eugeniae

Please see http://www.africannightcrawlers.webs.com for a better price on larger orders.


They are far superior for composting and have been a favorite with fishermen for many years. These worms are also known as Super Reds, Japanese Tigers, Georgia Jumpers, cultured earthworms and many other names.

They have out preformed red worms hands down, for me and I love the castings. 

African Nightcrawler earthworms are excellent vermicomposting worms. While gaining in popularity in the United States for use in vermicomposting, they've been very popular in the Philippines and other nations for many years.

They are easier to raise than other types of worms,  proper monitoring of the conditions in your worm bin can reduce the chances of problems. African Nightcrawlers are an important worm for home composting of leaves, cardboard, and paper.

These are just a bit smaller than the Canadian night crawler, when fully grown, not quite as firm, but they are great for composting.


no refrigeration needed, they thrive in the heat(not sun light) superb for catching bass, or composting, they put the red worm to shame in composting.


these are limited, and go very fast.

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