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PURE, not mixed with dirt or Peat, 2 LB-5.00, 5 LB-10.00, 10 LB-20.00


This is for PURE, Earthworm castings/caseings/poop,

Not to be confused with the old dry dirt that has some castings mixed in with it, for the same price,

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4 cups will make 50 gal. of spray able tea.  and 2 pounds will make at least 2 batch,

50 gal. is a lot of inoculater "fertilizer"

100% organic, non burning .03.03.03 or very close to it as worms and dirt can vary a small bit.

this is also fresh, not sitting on shelves for months,

knowing what I know now, I make at least one batch per week as I harvest worms, I dilute the 5 gal. to about 20 gal and have started to use it weekly or bi-weekly this year, It takes about the same time to make and use as Mira-cal grow, but doesn't kill the soil.

Is it cheaper, depends how you look at it...................................... .

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