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Christmas or other-Gift Pack Castings, Kelp, Honey and Instructions


A perfect gift for those people hard to find a gift for, Gardener's, organic minded people and more.

4 qt, (dry mesurement) aprox 650 cubic inchs, 8x8, x8 before being squeezed into a 6x6x7 inch box.

Then we add a small container of honey from our hive, and enough pure sea kelp to make at least 4 batch's.

each batch will make 40-50 gal. of worm tea. with .3.3.3 varied by how you make it,

so that is about 200 gal. of a (miracle grow) type boost, Worm tea is not a true fertalizer, rather a soil inhancer or inoculater,

come's with instuctions.

all you need to do is wrap the box and put it under the tree.

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