Herron Farms Dawsonville 706-531-4789

. Organic Farming, Hydroponics, Earthworms/Red Worms Africans Self Sufficiency, self sustainment, homesteading, Square foot gardening, vermiculite, vermiculture and vermicomposting.

Hours of Operation



We are up early, However are Hours for taking phone calls and chatting are,

Monday through Saturday 8 am till 6 pm 

Saturday 9-12 am, come join us for coffee and Worm Talk, Organic Talk, garden Talk and on and on, we are normally harvesting worms, or working the beds.

Please note, our work is done out side, not sitting on the phone, so if you get my voice mail, Please, Please leave a small message, so we can call you back. or better yet shoot me an E-mail

[email protected]

Sunday By appointment only, we realize many people are off on the weekends and we try to work with everyone.

We recommend calling or emailing ahead on all days, just a courtesy thing.

But that way you don't waste a trip, or have to see me making a mad dash, in my sci vies. 


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