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Shipping is a big concern for most people including myself, I use The US Post Office and Priority next day shipping, so far we have had a 99.9 percent success getting the order to its destination the day after ordering. As long as I get the order to the post office before they close, it will make the last truck and you will get the shipment the next day.

Now, about the price.

I only want to break even on the shipping, my job is to raise and sell worms.

Depending on where I send them, it changes the price some, Basic 1-4 pounds is 5.75 to most of in state.

(this is next day priority)not flat rate, or book rate....THIS IS NEXT DAY PRIORTY.......

Add 70 cents to any order for conformation.

Pay pal charges me about 1.50 per 30.00

now we are at the 8.00 mark give or take .50

Then add in the .55 for the shipping bag

and you are at 8.50-9.50

then you have tape, ink, paper, handling, gas, time and tracking, dont forget customer service and responding to phone and emails.

I think that is worth the 8.50 that I charge from 1-4 pounds

And we arnt talking a week to 14 days, we are talking NEXT DAY,

January 27, 2013

USPS has raised the price (AGAIN) we will have to pass it on, sorry. I am going to 9.50  it averages out as a one pound box to Ca. or Co. run's about 11.50 and one to Atlanta runs about 6.50, I find a flat price is simpler for most people.

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